Spring 2019 Newsletter

We’re checking in with our latest community newsletter and a look at highlights from the first half of 2019 at Next Door.

In this edition, we feature the latest news and events from Next Door’s 50th Anniversary Campaign. They include a peek at our Community Read with Me event on April 30, 2019 when more than 300 volunteers came out to support our children with one-on-one story time in every Next Door classroom. We also feature a list of more than two dozen businesses and organizations partnering with Next Door to celebrate this 50th Anniversary year.

We’re thrilled to share the opening of Next Door’s Family Success Center – an effort featuring community partners offering a hub of much-needed healthcare and social services for Next Door families and the neighborhood.

You can also check out an initiative through Marquette University’s Trinity Fellowship that is providing an extra layer of support for Next Door teachers while helping our youngest students develop their literacy and language skills.

You don’t want to miss a visit from Mickey Mouse, too!

It’s all covered HERE in our Spring Newsletter. Enjoy!