Business Insider features Next Door’s COVID-19 precautions

Next Door’s efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our buildings received national attention in December of 2020 in a story from Business Insider.

Business Insider covered a story about a report from the Centers for Disease Control about COVID-19 and early childhood education programs. The report specifically looked at how Head Start programs in eight states were able to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks through safety protocols implemented as part of reopening. Next Door was one of the organizations interviewed by the CDC with perspective from Next Door’s President, Dr. Tracey Sparrow.

In the article from Business Insider, Dr. Sparrow talks about the importance of reopening for the low-income children we serve and safety measures like masks for children, no intermixing of classrooms and closing gathering areas for staff.

Click HERE to read the story in Business Insider.

Click HERE to read the CDC report.