Working to engage fathers
A Next Door father treats Arthur to story time. Our Fatherhood specialists partner with dads to develop strong family relationships and more.


Strong families are essential to the future of our community, and both mothers and fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children.

Next Door has a team of Fatherhood Specialists who lead innovative and interactive programs to help fathers get engaged in their children’s lives. Our Fatherhood Specialists also connect dads to the resources they need to become strong role models and support their families.

Our Fatherhood Program is nationally-recognized. In 2014, a documentary on one of our Fatherhood Specialists appeared on PBS. Click HERE to watch it. Below is a list of our current Fatherhood opportunities.

New Pathways for Fathers and Families*

This program is for fathers and expecting fathers who want to strengthen relationships with their children, wife or the mother of their children. It also empowers dads with the tools they need to support their families in a caring and financially-responsible way.

To start, dads can participate in a 10-week program featuring group workshops at Next Door’s 29th Street location. You will join other dads and Next Door Fatherhood Specialists to cover topics, including fatherhood development, healthy relationships, life skills and physical wellness. You will have the opportunity to share your own experiences and hear from fathers going through similar phases of life.

Our staff can then work with you on an individual level, and guide you through additional assistance with employment, child support and driver’s license recovery.

The overall goal is to help fathers improve:

  • relationship building
  • parenting skills
  • economic stability

*This program is a partnership with Milwaukee County, which provides the funding.