LENA Research
LENA at work.

LENA Research

Make every interaction count in early childhood education.

Did you know that lunch time is a great time to build a child’s vocabulary? At Next Door, our students talk about lunch and whatever else is on their mind. Thanks to LENA, a specialized program that helps children develop language, we know who talks and how much.

Research matters. And the research supports this innovative way to learn.

As a leader in early childhood education, Next Door is quick to embrace proven best practices and cutting-edge technology.

During the day, Next Door students wear a recorder that tracks the conversations they have with teachers and their peers. With LENA, we’re able to analyze the quality and frequency of conversations.

This important data provides feedback for teachers so we can be sure we’re helping every child develop language skills that will be critical for their future success.

Want to know more? Check out these resources.

CLICK HERE for Research Synopsis:  2022 Evaluation of LENA Grow in Milwaukee Head Start Classroom.docx

CLICK HERE for Research Paper:  2022 Evaluation of LENA Grow in Milwaukee Head Start Classroom_Research

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