Red Nose Day salutes Next Door teacher

In our celebration of Next Door’s 50th Anniversary, we want to take the time to celebrate our teachers!

For this story, we’re highlighting ShaLaya Morehouse and the national attention she recently received for her passion and commitment to her job as a teacher for Educare Milwaukee at Next Door.

The recognition came in May of 2019 when the Red Nose Day campaign from Comic Relief USA featured ShaLaya in a case study utilized in the publicity for Red Nose Day.

The case study focused on ShaLaya’s journey teaching in an infant and toddler classroom at Educare Milwaukee and how she has been able to advance her career thanks to professional development opportunities funded through the Red Nose Day campaign.

“I feel very confident. I love serving families. I love seeing my children grow and giving them the tools they need. I feel like I’m doing some of the best work,” ShaLaya said in the case study.

The mission of Red Nose Day is to end childhood poverty by raising funding to support critical programs across the country that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. One of those programs is the Educare Learning Network – comprised of 23 schools, including Educare Milwaukee, serving children living in poverty with a research-driven, best practices model of early childhood education.

The Educare Learning Network submitted ShaLaya’s case study to Comic Relief USA to show the powerful impact of its generous grant funding to the Network. The latest grant supported opportunities for teachers to attend the annual Educare Learning Network Meeting with a chance to network with around 300 early childhood professionals. In addition, the grant funded specialized trainings to provide more individualized student teaching.

Along with the case study submission, the Educare Learning Network joined the 2019 Red Nose Day campaign to promote this important and fun day of the year. Educare Milwaukee supported this partnership with staff and children wearing those famous red noses throughout the day and taking pictures to share on social media.

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