BizTimes features Harley-Davidson Support for Next Door

As part of Next Door’s 50th Anniversary celebration  in 2019, we’re giving special salutes to community partners who have gone above and beyond to ensure the success and impact of Next Door.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is one of those partners with more than 30 years of service, board leadership and philanthropy for Next Door.

The 2020 BizTimes Giving Guide features a story offering a closer look at this long-time relationship.

Julie Anding – Harley Davidson’s Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer and President of the Harley-Davidson Foundation – shares her thoughts on the company’s commitment to Next Door.

The article also highlights the different ways Harley-Davidson has supported Next Door over the years, including its leading role in the annual Walk for Children event and reading with Next Door students.

Click HERE to for the Giving Guide and see Page 15 for the story.

L-R: Next Door Board Director Tanika Murphy, Julie Anding and Julie Ofori-Mattmüller were part of the Harley-Davidson team at the 2019 Walk for Children.

Throughout the year, Harley-Davidson employees come to Next Door to volunteer in our Read with Me program.